We take early childhood education seriously. From quality teachers to proven curriculum to engaging learning environments, TOP exists to brighten children’s futures.

131,000Kansas children live in poverty (18%)
24%of Kansas high school students do not graduate on time
1:16$1 invested in early childhood yields a $16 return
<5Children under 5 experience higher poverty rates

Improving lifelong outcomes.

Early childhood education has demonstrated dramatic lifelong effects for economically at-risk children. It’s been proven by numerous national studies including our own longitudinal study. Earning more, graduating high school, owning a home, and having longer marriages are all affected by early childhood education.

We and our partners are committed to the highest-quality early education for children from low-income families. We believe that this work helps not only children but also their families and their whole community.


Taking action.

Part of our work at TOP is to advocate with lawmakers and government leaders to affect change in support of quality early childhood education. To show firsthand what quality education looks like for these children, TOP has given tours of its centers to more than 120 State Legislators, two U.S. Senators, three members of the U.S. Congress, as well as other visitors form as far away as Paraguay.

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About TOP

The Opportunity Project (TOP) is a 501c(3) charity based in Wichita, Kansas. TOP Early Learning Centers provide educational day care and preschool in some of Wichita’s low-income neighborhoods – Oaklawn, Evergreen, and north central Wichita. Dedicated to creating school readiness for at-risk children, TOP’s mission is to deliver a high-quality early learning experience to children living in poverty, providing them the tools needed for emotional, academic, and lifelong success.

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