Screenings & Outcomes

TOP utilizes nationally recognized Brigance and myIGDIs kindergarten-readiness assessments to evaluate students’ short-term academic gains. Likewise, through partnerships with Wichita State University and participating unified school districts, TOP kids’ educational outcomes are tracked until they graduate high school.

Brigance Testing


These screeners are administered to TOP children in the fall, winter, and spring before they begin kindergarten. The screeners measure literacy skills.

62% of TOP kids entering kindergarten are ready to read. 84% of TOP kids are on their way to success in numeracy, and TOP exceeds class quality instructional support by 32%.

Conclusively, TOP Schools make a powerful and lasting difference in children’s lives.

TOP Early Learning Centers 2022-2023 Longitudinal Study Results

Thus far, we have determined:

“The amount our children have actually learned from attending TOP Early Learning Center South is astounding! They come home sharing all sorts of new knowledge and interesting facts. They excitedly talk about their fun experiences and activities, with each new day!”

– Megan L.   |   Parent, TOP Early Learning Centers