At TOP, we’re committed to your child’s success.

Each year, we screen our students on multiple levels—cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional development. Sometimes, this reveals a potential learning or developmental challenge, and we’re able to intervene in partnership with our community resources.

Each fall and spring, TOP children 3 to 5 years old participate in Pearson Work Sampling System assessments—a nationally recognized assessment used to individualize instruction, communicate with families more effectively, and measure students’ outcomes.

2020–2021 Exit Outcomes for (150) 4-Year-Old Students

Indicator Measured2020-2021 Proficiency8 to 9-Month Proficiency Gain
Social Development93%52%
Language and Literacy90%60%
Language and Literacy (ELL)75%75%
Mathematical Thinking86%70%
Scientific Thinking89%70%
Social Studies88%67%

* Because TOP closed mid-year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only beginning and middle year assessments were given during the 2019-2020 school year.

Additionally, students who graduate from TOP Early Learning Centers opt into a longitudinal study conducted by Wichita State University.

Thus far, we have determined:

“The amount our children have actually learned from attending TOP Early Learning Center South is astounding! They come home sharing all sorts of new knowledge and interesting facts. They excitedly talk about their fun experiences and activities, with each new day!”

– Megan L.   |   Parent, TOP Early Learning Centers